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Environmental Considerations at OASIS24

OASIS24 is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our conferences. We have implemented the following initiatives to achieve this goal:

Carbon Footprint Offset during Registration

During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint by making a small contribution. Your contribution of $5 or $10 will support Native Forest Carbon Credits through

Eco-Friendly Travel with Air New Zealand

Opt for eco-conscious travel by choosing Air New Zealand as your airline. FlyNeutral, in partnership with Air New Zealand, allows you to offset the carbon emissions associated with your flight. Learn more about FlyNeutral and how you can contribute to carbon offsetting.

Minimizing Printed Material

To reduce paper usage, we aim to provide electronic information whenever possible. Important updates and conference details will be communicated through email.

Environmentally-Friendly Delegate Materials

We care for the environment and avoid using plastic name badges. Instead, your name will be printed directly on recyclable paper. Feel free to return your lanyard for recycling after the conference.

Promoting Environmental Responsibility with Sponsors and Exhibitors

We collaborate with our sponsors and exhibitors to convey the importance of environmental responsibility. They will be encouraged to share information about their services in electronic formats, reducing waste.

Sustainable Practices at the Venue:

Our chosen venue is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Food and beverages will be offered in reusable cups and crockery and throughout the conference area, you'll find recycling stations for proper waste disposal. 

Mindful Catering

Working closely with the venue, we strive to minimize food waste. Food waste /scraps will be passed on to pig farmers, oils recycled and leftovers donated to local organisations. To reduce single-use plastic waste, kindly bring a refillable water bottle.

We are always open to innovative ideas on how we can further reduce our environmental impact. If you have any suggestions to contribute to our efforts, we welcome your valuable input!

Let's work together to create a greener and more sustainable conference experience at OASIS24.

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